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Since 2005 Glimmer Films has revolutionized Wedding Video and Photo for Brides in Vancouver. Like many start-ups, we began as a part time operation, but soon grew to a studio in action 7 days per week.

9-time Leo-nominated filmmaker Corey Ogilvie is the owner and creative director of Glimmer Films. He was the co-director, editor, and cinematographer for the sports documentary NASH, which can be seen on iTunes, starring Barack Obama, Owen Wilson, Ron Howard, and more. Corey’s single goal is to push the creative boundaries of the ‘indian wedding video and photo’ genres.

But the true heart of Glimmer is its team of all-stars, from sales and admin, to shooters and editors... we are a dream team who loves what we do. .

Our team’s single goal in everything we do: BE DIFFERENT

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Packages Summary

Our Wedding Video and Photo Packages are unrivalled in Vancouver. We spend up to a month editing every glimmer product to perfection. Glimmer brides can expect the highest level of wedding photography and videography in every product. As a multiple award company doing weddings since 2005, you can be assured your wedding will be preserved forever in the highest form.

Video + Photo Bundles include:

- 4 cam Wedding & Reception Day coverage

- 2 cam Pre-Wedding Events (eastern): Maiyan, Engagement, Ladies Party

- 2 HR Casual Photo Shoot (e-shoot)

- Guest Sign-In Book for Reception

- Large Format 16x24 Canvas Print

- Flush-mount Fine Art Albums for Client and Parents

- Slideshow for Reception

- Next-Day Edit or Same-Day Edit

- Full Length Documentary Edit on DVD and Bluray

- Cinematic Prologue Edit

- Aerial Drone that films 4K

- Crane 12 feet high

- 1080p HD video and 21 Megapixel Full Frame photos

- Expert use of pro tools like no one else can: dolly, steady-cam, remote studio flashes, multiple lens options, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you send 2 teams out on the wedding day morning, one to bride's, one to groom's?

Yes, there will be 1 video 1 photo at the groom's, and 1 video 1 photo at the bride's until everyone leaves for the ceremony.

2. How many photos do I get?

It all depends on your wedding day. We've output 2500 images for some weddings, and 5000 for others. A lot of it depends on how many pre-wedding events you have.

3. Do I get to keep all my high res photos?

Yes. We provide all your photos in High Res on a USB key, plus multiple print options. Always create a copy of your wedding media and store it at a friend's place.

4. Do you give us the raw video?

Yes. We make a raw edit specifically tailored for the parents to watch, and a shorter edit for the bride and groom to watch with friends. We make sure both parties are happy, an important element of a low stress wedding experience. We do our best with every client to minimize stress by delivering very big products.

5. Do you deliver in Bluray?

Yes, full 1080p 24p HD.

6. Do you only shoot video if we chose another photographer?

Yes, but we recommend getting one team to do the job. We have much better chemistry and synergy when it is both video and photo team from glimmer. We train together, and work together all the time.

Most clients want 2-3 months to adjust to the new married life, and we need this amount of time to make sure we edit everything properly. For the few clients who want a rush edit, we usually can accommodate.

8. Do I get to review my products before receiving them?

Yes. We have developed a fool proof review system to make sure you get input on your creative products. We are sure to get your approval on key decisions throughout the editing process.


Cinema Technique

Glimmer Films has set the bar for Indian Wedding Video in Vancouver. How?

Elite Editing: Nothing is more important than story, and our editors focus on every facet of your day's story to make the best video possible.

3Cam Ceremony & Reception: Never miss an angle as we have 3 cameras recording during the entire event.

Lenses: Our lens collection grows bigger every month, ensuring we offer the highest optical quality and focal range possible in HD.

Steadicam: Other companies have tried to mimic our steadicam technique and fallen short. We train on this beautiful tool constantly, always maintaing our edge.

Dolly: Perhaps the most dynamic tool in cinema, our dolly tachnique creates those epic wide angle shots never to be forgotten.

Photography Technique

The best part of Glimmer is our excellence in photo. We offer the ultimate 1-2 punch for your wedding media. Why?

Relationship: We begin with a Casual photo shoot, familiarizing you with our team and getting a few hundred gorgeous shots.

Originality: At Glimmer we encourage our photographers to shoot in other forms of media, like photojournalism, fashion, and conceptual photography.

Fine Art Albums: Our albums are premium leather, flush mount design, and will last for decades to come.

Cavases & Guestbooks: We produce stunning canvases you can use for your reception sign in table, along with a 12x12 guest book.

Raw Images: We give you every usable image from your wedding day shoot in full resolution JPG, ready to print.