Why USB?

In the above video we discuss:

1 - How past clients have lost their wedding DVDs

2 - The downsides of storing weddings on DVDs & Blurays

3 - The upsides of storing weddings on USB Flash Drive

4 - Common worries about USBs and how we resolve them 

In the below 3 minute tutorial, we demonstrate how you and your parents work a USB with a DVD player.


How to Use USB

with DVD Player

In the above video we demonstrate:

1 - How to insert & operate your USB Flash Drive in the DVD Player 

2 - What buttons to press on the controller

3 - How to auto-play all your scenes in one sitting

4 - How to SCAN forward and back, which is faster on USB  

5 - How to unplug the USB player when finished watching

In the below tutorials we demonstrate how you format and duplicate a new USB Flash Drive, on Windows or Apple computers. 


How to Format & Backup New USB Flash Drives

In the above videos we demonstrate:

1 - How to format a new USB flash drive to FAT 32, so you can play videos from the USB on a DVD player (which requires FAT 32 format USB drives)

In the below tutorials we demonstrate how you backup your wedding video online for free on Vimeo


How to Backup Your USB  on Vimeo for Free 

In the above 6 minute video we demonstrate the below 4 steps:


Step 01 - Make a PRO vimeo account. Cost is $288 for annual, billed at $24 per month.

--- This is refundable within 30 days.

--- Be sure to upload all your files before the 30 day deadline.


Step 02 - Upload 4GB files to vimeo ONE AT A TIME (they have a 5GB limit, our video files are never more than 4GB)

--- each upload should take between 2-4 hours, depending on your computer’s connection speed with the internet.

--- for PRIVACY, make each video ‘only people with private link’.  


Step 03 - Once you are done uploading all the files, ask for a refund by clicking your USER icon, then selecting ‘Account Settings’, then selecting ‘Delete Your Account’ at bottom of the page.  

--- Please note, vimeo has very good customer support so you can email to follow up to ensure you get your refund.  


Step 04 - After you cancel your account and get your refund, you’ll have a Vimeo BASIC account.

--- There are a few limits to BASIC, but none that impact you.  You can now do 3 things:

  1. View Your videos from anywhere, as long as you have internet access and your vimeo login.

  2. Download your HD video files from your vimeo user account onto a USB drive.  

  3. Share your entire wedding video as one password-protected link, using Vimeo’s ALBUM feature.  We will have a tutorial for this to assist you.


In the below tutorial, we demonstrate how you can share your entire HD wedding video in One Password Protected Link


How to Share Your Wedding as One HD Link in Vimeo

In the above video we demonstrate:

- How to add all your videos to ONE album in Vimeo  

- How to Password Protect the album  

- How to Share the album as one password-protected link

- How the viewer experiences auto-play in Vimeo, just like they were watching a DVD player