Why USB?

In the above video we discuss:

1 - How past clients have lost their wedding DVDs

2 - The downsides of storing weddings on DVDs & Blurays

3 - The upsides of storing weddings on USB Flash Drive

4 - Common worries about USBs and how we resolve them

NOTE! Like DVD chapters, your wedding video will be split into multiple files. For example: Prologue, Her Maiyan, His Maiyan, Morning Prep, Ceremony, Photo Shoot, Doli & Pani, Reception and Dancing. 


In the below 3 minute tutorial, we demonstrate how you and your parents work a USB with a DVD player.


How to Use USB

with DVD Player

In the above video we demonstrate:

1 - How to insert & operate your USB Flash Drive in the DVD Player 

2 - What buttons to press on the controller

3 - How to auto-play all your scenes in one sitting

4 - How to SCAN forward and back, which is faster on USB  

5 - How to unplug the USB player when finished watching


If you own a Smart TV, XBOX, PS4, Chrome Cast, or any other media playback device with a USB slot, the guidelines of use will be very similar to above tutorial.  They all should read MP4 files. 

In the below tutorials we demonstrate how you format and duplicate a new USB Flash Drive, on Windows or Apple computers. 


How to Format & Backup New USB Flash Drives

In the above videos we demonstrate:

1 - How to format a new USB flash drive to FAT 32, so you can play videos from the USB on a DVD player (which requires FAT 32 format USB drives)

In the text below we describe how you backup your wedding video online. 


How to store USB files on the Cloud

There are many cloud storage services available.  Below are the 3 we would recommend, along with pros and cons for each.

1 - Vimeo

Pros - High quality video player with no ads.  Easy to share entire HD wedding as one password protected link with anyone, anywhere, anytime.  This link can play the scenes in sequence like a DVD player.

Cons - Most expensive, costs just over $100 per year.  If your paid service ends, you lose access to some of your videos. 

2 - Google Drive

Pros - Least expensive option.  Most people have a google account already so it is easy to set up Google Drive.

Cons - Not a very good media player.  Wedding has to be shared as individual links.  Entire wedding cannot be viewed in full, user needs to select each scene.  You lose media files if your paid service lapses. 

3 - Dropbox

Pros - Medium price range.  Built-in desktop software that enables easy use on your computer.  

Cons - Poor media player.  Wedding videos have to be shared as individual links, or a folder link with links inside.  Entire wedding cannot be viewed in full, user needs to select each scene. 


In the below tutorial, we demonstrate how to share your whole HD wedding as ONE link using Vimeo. 


How to Share Your Wedding as One HD Link in Vimeo

In the above video we demonstrate:

- How to add all your videos to ONE album in Vimeo  

- How to Password Protect the album  

- How to Share the album as one password-protected link

- How the viewer experiences auto-play in Vimeo, just like they were watching a DVD player