be different


Glimmer Films captures wedding video and photo for Vancouver and destination brides.   

When people ask us what we do for a living, we say we work with LOVE and LIGHT.  They say we're lucky, and we agree.  We are blessed to work with these raw materials every day.

Nine-time Leo-nominated filmmaker Corey Ogilvie is the owner and creative director of Glimmer Films.  Corey's work received high acclaim from critic Dennis Harvey of Hollywood's Variety magazine.  Of his many films, he was the co-director, editor, and cinematographer for the sports doc NASH (see on iTunes) starring Barack Obama, Owen Wilson, and Steve Nash. 

The true heart of Glimmer is its team of all-stars, from our sales and admin, to shooters and editors.  Humble yet passionate, we are a dream team who loves what we do.

Our team’s simple goal for each precious client: BE DIFFERENT

Pushing Boundaries-HD.jpg

Pushing Boundaries

Back in 2005 we did our first steady cam shot at a Sikh temple.  We had never seen anyone do it, and we feared we were not allowed. But we went for it.  

The way the camera captured the culture and emotion, and how the family rotated in the angle as they walked with the groom towards the guru, it was incredible.

This was the birth of Glimmer: a tiny discovery of a gorgeous moment every couple deserved to have of their wedding.  

Fast forward more than 10 years and we're using aerial drones, graphite cranes, mechanical dollies, UltraHD 4K sensors, prime lenses, all in the quest to discover that next gorgeous moment for brides of all cultures.